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Grafikka is all about the people in Distributed Scrum Teams.
We're focused on onshore and nearshore team constructions and how to make it all work together in the agile Scrum framework.

Grafikka Details
Project assignments: Denmark, Ukraine, Belarus

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Management Details
Name: Morten Grantzau
Country: Denmark
Education: Media Graphic Designer and Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)
Member of: » Scrum Alliance
E-mail: » morten [at] grantzau [dot] com
Personal website: » www.scrumit.dk

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WWW3: » Grafikka

SCRUM framework and training
Distributed teams in on- and nearshore locations
Individual- or team Scrum training
Editorial curration
Lectures and speeches about Agile workflowa
UX and UI design and curration
Graphic Design
Web- and print curration
Information architecture
Workflow implementations
Prototyping & usability testing
Frontend development
Branding & eBranding
Still photography
Windows Network Security Advisory
Windows enviroment Client/Server
Apple Mac workstations maintainance

See more at » www.grantzau.com

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Public Appearence
Ciklum, Dnepropetrovsk: What to expect from a nearshore business as an offshore employee
A talk about what offshore employees can expect from nearshore businesses in distributed teams. Part of the Ciklum internal "Speakers Corner" event.

Ciklum, Dnepropetrovsk: Distributed teams & Estimation
Introduction to working in distributed teams and doing estimations. Combined speech and exercise. Part of the Ciklum internal "Speakers Corner" event.

Aarhus Breakfast Seminar: Agil Udvikling På Distancen
Presentation about Onshore and Nearshore team management and Action points to be aware of. What is best practices and how are they carried out in real life.

Ciklum Clients Network Groups
Open discussion client forum amongst peers about distributed teams and outsourcing. Facilitated by Ciklum. How to overcome problems and issues in the agile setup and workflow.

Medieskolerne Viborg - 25 years Anniversary Event
Introduction to Scrum and the Agile framework with examples of real life issue and solutions. Examples of how you, as a developer, can benefit from introducing Scrum in your workflow.

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